RELYENT Entertainment was created by three very different people with one VERY similar passion…to create original and inventive TV programming, feature films and digital content for a discerning new market. The ideas and concepts can originate from anywhere “submit”, and our “team” is committed to working with partners around the world, to ensure the best stories and most compelling characters are presented.

Our philosophy is simple and directs nearly all project creation “Would we sit with our Mothers and watch this?” Seems old fashioned right? The truth is, there’s enough salacious material in the market, and more people continue to ask us to present family-friendly or inventive ways to tell stories. Based in the heart of horse country, Lexington KY, our team has the ability to draw from some of the most talented producers, editors, cinematographers and writers in the region. In fact, our stories have been considered by production companies from NY to LA, and we continue to find some of the most compelling opportunities within a days drive of home. Don’t be mistaken though, this company understands the value of hard work and we will go to the ends of the earth to tell a persuasive or irrefutable story. More importantly, we have been blessed to work with some truly incredible individuals, and we will never stop pushing ourselves, our associates and our creativity.

The bottom line is, a good story isn’t that difficult to find, but it’s extremely challenging to portray those idea’s in a way which will stimulate, amuse and persuade an audience.

Our job is JUST THAT SIMPLE; to inspire and entertain, and we take it VERY seriously!

Thanks for watching
Steve, Bo, Louis

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